About ATECA Hotels

ATECA Hotels offers owners, investors, partners, associates and communities a world of opportunity. Through our strategic approach to development, ATECA Hotels is focused on delivering superior return on investment with great guest experiences built around French savoir faire. Capitalising on our exceptional global experience and expertise, our goal is to offer owners and investors a competitive advantage through our distinctive portfolio of brands, innovative products, world-class hotel management solutions, powerful systems, extensive market network and intuitive service.

Our Brands

With a portfolio of 5 distinctive and diverse brands designed to serve each market segment ranging from luxury to lifestyle, midscale and budget, ATECA Hotels offers the perfect choice to owners and travellers. Under the leadership of our internationally acclaimed Chairman Mr. Michel Noblet, we have also innovated a pioneering hotel concept ATECA F24-7 specially customized for Uzbekistan and Central Asia.Delivering unique, authentic and transformative experiences and outstanding value, we have a brand for everyone supported by a holistic ecosystem. Feel the pulse around you as you live, work, play and do business. www.atecahotels.com or Follow us on www.instagram.com/atecahotels/